Welcome to Kearny Elementary School!

Our school is located in the southwest section of Santa Fe. Our student population is approximately 520, and serves students in pre-kindergarten through sixth grade.

We offer many programs to our students throughout the day. Our Early Morning Homework Club, allows students to get support from our highly qualified teachers before school starts. Our mentoring program, school staff and adult volunteers, meet during lunch and is a great way for students to set short-term and long-term goals for themselves. The Safety Patrol program is a school-wide conflict resolution program where students can be trained in conflict resolution and students assist with minor issues, during lunch and recesses. Students learn how to ice skate (2nd grade)and 4th grade participates in the National Dance Institute (NDI). Students are motivated and empowered by participating in our Cooking with Kids program, which teaches healthy eating and hands-on cooking. 

Our First Serve after school programs offer students assistance with homework, and they may participate in arts and crafts and physical activities. Students also have the opportunity to join our after school choir; these students practice and then perform throughout the year at school and throughout community events.

Educating the future leaders of the world!

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School News

SPELLING BEEThe students who will representing Kearny Elementary in the SFPS district Spelling Bee are Hermoine Alvarez (winner) and Bianey Molinar (runner up). Good luck!

Los estudiantes que representarán a la escuela de Kearny en el Spelling Bee del distrito de SFPS serán Hermoine Alvarez (winner) and Bianey Molinar (runner up). Buena suerte!

SCIENCEThe science night at Kearny is a moment to show the families the kids science projects. This year, the most attractive project has been the 4th grade robots: 4th graders have learned to program the movements of the robots (see image attached). The future of these kids will be awesome!

La noche de ciencias de Kearny es el momento para mostrar a las familias los proyectos científicos de los chic@s. Este año, el proyecto más atractivo han sido los robos de 4 grado. Los 
estudiantes de 4 grado han aprendido a programar los movimientos de los robots (vean la imagen). !El futuro de estos estudiantes será increíble!
SNOWBALLWe celebrated the Snowball dance on January 13th. Kids had a lot of fun dancing, singing and playing.

Celebramos el baile Snowball el 13  de Enero. Los niñ@s se divirtieron bailando, cantando y jugando.
MLKToday we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr day. King was the chief spokesman for nonviolent activism in the civil rights movement, which successfully protested racial discrimination in federal and state law.

Hoy celebramos el día de Martin Luther King Jr. King fue el principal portavoz del activismo de la no violencia en el movimiento por los derechos civiles, protestando por la discriminación racial que había en las leyes federales y estatales.